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Yellow daffodils


"Buy yellow daffodils for the perfect spring colour. Sent directly from our far to your home."


Yellow is the colour everyone longs for again after the dark winter months. After all, yellow is the colour of the sun. The sun represents light and life. People used to focus on the colour yellow during the original festival of lights. Hence, yellow is seen as the perfect Easter colour. The flowering of daffodils is often one of the first signs of spring.

But those who only think of yellow daffodils are wrong, there are different types of daffodils. Namely: white daffodils, cream-coloured daffodils, pink daffodils and orange trumpet daffodils. We sell single and double daffodils. The single daffodils are very popular butterfly and bee plants. They attract a lot of butterflies and bees. The double daffodils and multi headed daffodils give a full appearance, they stand out in your garden. Finally, there are some special daffodils.

Yellow daffodils are very easy and rewarding spring bloomers that come back every year, just like perennials. The yellow daffodils like a sunny spot as a result you can enjoy them again every spring.

Ordering daffodil bulbs

At FAM Flower Farm, you can easily order daffodils online. We deliver the yellow daffodil bulbs by post to your door as soon as it's time to plant the daffodil bulbs (from October to mid-December). We also sell tulip bulbs, dahlia tubers and flower seeds. Our flowers are very popular spring and summer bloomers that transform any garden into a party.

When to buy daffodil bulbs?

You can buy the daffodil tubers from 1 July to 1 December at FAM Flower Farm. All daffodil bulbs are self-grown in our family farm in Lisse, the Netherlands.

Yellow Daffodil Innovator

Daffodil or narcissus

Yellow daffodils are also called yellow narcissus. Daffodils are almost the same as narcissus. The Latin name of the flower is narcissus. Daffodils are all members that fall under the genus narcissus. The narcissus is also called “Lent lily.”

Planting daffodil bulbs

Daffodil bulbs love the cold, they even need it to start flowering. Therefore, it is best to plant the bulbs in autumn in the months of October, November or December. But be careful not to plant the yellow daffodils after 15 December. Then it is too late for the daffodils to make roots before the frost. Our daffodil bulbs are of a large size so you can expect beautiful full daffodils. All daffodils bloom in spring, we can't wait!

In October, November or mid-December, you can also plant tulip bulbs. These wil flower in April or May. You can plant red tulips for a more striking immage or yellow tulips for a Spring feeling. After the daffodils and tulips have bloom, you can plant dahlia tubers and flower seeds in mid-April or May. The beautiful red dahlias, white dahlias, pink dahlias and purple dahlias wil make your garden a real eye catcher. flower seeds can be used to fill up empty soil, the delphinium, amaranth, phlox, scabiosa and the Cosmos flower will look beautiful together or with the dahlias.

Daffodil bulbs, how to plant?

Wild daffodils are originally found in grasslands. Daffodil bulbs can therefore be perfectly scattered in your garden. This gives a natural effect. Alternatively, you can choose to plant the daffodils in large groups in beds or in pots. Daffodils hate wet feet, so make sure the soil is well drained. Loosen the soil a little and plant the daffodil bulbs with the tip up, cover with soil, press a little and you're done. All the nutrition is already in the daffodil bulb, so it can hardly go wrong. Of course, we provide extensive planting instructions with our flower bulbs.

Daffodils flowering time

In the months of March and April, the yellow daffodils are in bloom. Tourists from all over the world and at home travel to the world-famous flower fields in Lisse. But why travel all the way to Lisse when you can make the daffodils flower in your own garden. You can make your garden exactly by your choice. You can choose the types and colours you like the most.

Daffodil care

Yellow daffodils or yellow narcissus require a little care. It is important to water daffodils regularly in drought conditions. The daffodil is a perennial bulbous plant, so it is very important that daffodils receive proper care once they have finished flowering. So that the yellow daffodils can bloom again the following year.

Yellow Daffodil Rip van Winkle

Care for spent flowers

You can simply let the spent flowers dry out by themselves or you can cut them off, leaving the foliage. Give the foliage time to turn yellow, the daffodil will have enough time to get enough nutrients from the foliage for next year. You can cut or hoe away the foliage when the foliage is completely yellow. You can simply leave the daffodil bulbs in the ground for the winter but also cover them with some leaves from the garden for a little protection.

Some daffodil varieties stay low and produce small flowers, while others are longer and produce very large flowers. Most daffodil bulbs produce multiple flowers with a lovely fragrance.

Daffodils in a pot

Daffodil bulbs also do well in pots. In spring, the daffodils come out and you can enjoy your flower garden. Plant lots of them so you can cut off some flowers and enjoy them at home too.

Some of the history of daffodils

The narcissus/ daffodil is named after a young man from Greek mythology. Narcissus was the son of the river god Kefisus and the nymph Leriope. He was the most beautiful boy in Greece. All women and men fell in love with him. But love was of little interest to him. Narcissus was in fact very self-contained and was very much out hunting. While hunting, he saw his own reflection in a lake and fell madly in love with the creature.

He stayed by the little lake until he made contact, which of course never happened. He forgot to eat and drink and declined. Aphrodite turned him into a yellow flower (the daffodil) after his death so that he would always be remembered.

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