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Cosmos flower seeds

The cosmos flower belongs to the Asteraceae family. They originated in Mexico, therefore they love full sun. The flower comes with a lot of varieties.

All flower seeds can be used as cut flower. Some are appropriate as dried flowers, bee and butterfly seeds and some are scented.

Cosmos plants have feathery leaves and lot of different colours. We sell three colours of these cosmos seeds, we sell pink, red and white cosmos flowers. In our webshop you can filter the colour, to look for your favourite flowers.

Growing cosmos for seeds is very easy, they can grow in a lot of different conditions. All the seeds are annual. This means that al the seeds, will flower this year. We also sell mixes with 5 different seeds.

We have cosmos plants for sale at our webshop. You can buy them all year round.

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When do cosmos seeds flower?

The cosmos flower starts flowering in early summer until fall. The ideal time to plant the seeds is in around May, the chance of frost will then be over. You can plant the cosmos flower seeds earlier in March or April inside in pots.

If you plant them around May, they can flower from June until September. It takes about 7 weeks for the first bloom, but then they will bloom until the first fall frost. The cosmos flowers are not hardy, they cannot withstand the cold and frost.

If you plant daffodil bulbs in October or November, they flower in February, March, April or May. You can also plant tulip bulbs in October or November. They will flower in April or May. With these flowers, you can brings the spring to you garden. You can choose your favourites, double daffodils, yellow daffodils, white daffodils, red tulips, orange tulips, purple tulips and many more. 

In May or June, you can plant your dahlia tubers, they will flower from July or August until he first night of frost in October or November. Choose the dahlias you like the most. For example a orange dahlia or yellow dahlia. By combining flower bulbs, dahlia tubers and flower seed, you can enjoy flowers in your garden for nine months, from February until October.

Caring of the cosmos flower

The cosmos flowers can have single or double blooms. When they grow taller, you may need to stake them if they aren’t protected from the wind. Otherwise, they can be blown over.

It is important that you deadhead your cosmos flowers, to enjoy your flowers longer. This means that you cut off the dead flowers, making the flowers grow faster and creating new buds to develop.

Cosmos plants need watering regularly. But don’t give them too much water, because that can lead to fewer plants. A little dry soil is not a bad thing, the cosmos plants can handle that.

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The cosmos seeds are perfect to combine with different colours. You can combine pink and orange flowers for a beautiful soft contrast. Purple with white flowers are also very beautiful together. We have also created some ready to buy mix bouquet combinations.

You can also combine the cosmos plants with a couple of dahlia tubers. Pink seeds together with white dahlias or red dahlias will make your garden a real eye-catcher.

Our flower farm

Take a look at our pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest at FAM Flower Farm. Buy the flower seeds online all year long. You can also visit our farm in the Netherlands.