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Delphinium flower


The delphinium flower is also known as larkspur. The name larkspur comes from the spur-shaped calyx of the flowers.

The botanical name delphinium is originated of the Latin word Dolphin, because the flower has a little resemblance of a dolphin.

Delphiniums are known for their tall spikes of flowers. They can grow very tall, up to 6 feet. They have large, deeply lobed leaves and are often used as cut flower.

These flowers are also often used as cut flower. They have a long stem to cut off and make a bouquet or just set them in a vase.

When do delphiniums bloom?

The delphinium seeds can be planted when the chance of frost is over. The flower seeds bloom in early summer and often again in late summer or early fall.

Delphinium Flower Skies


How to care for the delphinium flower

Make sure that there is enough space between the flowers. Plant per square centimetre three to five plants. Allowing the delphinium flower to grow and it ensures that every plant gets enough water.

These flowers love the sun. So, look for a place where the flowers can get full sun. If the soil is dry, water regularly and preferably underneath the plant.

Sprinkle slug pellets around the plant. Do this around March and April, to prevent slugs from eating you plant. The pellets will ensure that the slugs go away and won’t come back.

You can also use copper tape around the flower. If snails walk on it, they will get a shock and leave. Ants don’t like the smell of copper and is disturbs their scent trail.

It's best if you replant the delphiniums once in two years. They don’t like to be in the same spot for more than two years. There is a chance that they won’t flower after two years in the same spot. 

Combinations with Delphiniums

Our delphiniums have a purple or blue colour and they are perfect together with a lot of other flower seeds. You can combine them with cosmos, scabiosa, phlox, amaranth, zinnia, aster, nigella and many more of our flwoer seeds.

It’s also beautiful to combine the delphinium flowers with red dahlias or white dahlias. The dahlia tubers bloom around the same time as flower seeds. You can plant the dahlias in spring, after the chance of frost is over. They will bloom around July and August.

This is around the time that the delphiniums bloom, they bloom in June until September. Combining the delphinium flowers with the dahlia tuber will give your garden a beautiful look.

Delphinium flower Belladonna


Enjoy your garden longer

You can enjoy your garden for a longer time. You can do this by planting daffodil bulbs and tulip bulbs in October until half December. The daffodils will then flower in February, April or May and the tulips in April of May.

After this, the delphiniums and dahlias begin to flower. This ensures that you can enjoy the flowers your garden for eight months.

Our Flower Farm

You can buy flower seeds online at FAM Flower Farm. On Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest you find our photos of the flowers and our beautiful farm. Take a look at our pictures or even come visit us in the Netherlands.