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Nigella flower seeds


The nigella flowers are also called “Love in a Mist”. The flowers are surrounded by a ring of feathery foliage.

The nigella flower seeds are annuals. This means that they will flower one season. It completes an entire lifecycle in one growing season.


The nigella plant is very easy to grow. You can plant the seeds right after the chance of frost is over. This is around mis-May or June. They flower from June until September. If you want your nigella flowers to flower earlier, you can propagate them in pots first. The nigella flower is also suitable to plant in containers.

When you plant the flower seeds it is best to sow them 10 to 15 centimetres apart. This will result in longer and sturdier plants.

Make sure the soil you use is not too wet, but well-drained. You have to give the nigella plants water regularly to keep the soil moist.

The nigella flower is a self-seeder. They produce a lot of seeds to regrow the following year. To counter this, you can cut back the flowers before the seeds are ripe, late in the summer.

Nigella Flower White


Different varieties

The nigella flower is perfect to use as dried flowers, cut flowers and as bee and butterfly attractors. The nigella plant has a long stem, therefore they are good as cut flowers. They also have an open heart; this attracts bees and butterflies.

The nigella plant also can used as dried flowers. You can do this by opening a large book and lay a piece of kitchen towel on both sides. Then close the book and refresh the paper towel with caution.

Do this every day for a day or 7. If kitchen towel is not wet anymore, you don’t have to refresh the towels anymore. Then wait a couple more days.

If they are not dry yet, the nigellas bend a little when keeping upright, So, if you have that, you have to wait a couple more days.

Nigella Flower African



The nigella flower is perfect to combine with hard colours or soft colours for a low contrast. Zinnias have beautiful colours to combine with the nigella plant.

Purple dahlias and white dahlias are also pretty together with the nigella flowers. Dahlias tubers flower in July and August until the first night of frost around November. that is at the same time as the flower seeds.

To enjoy your garden for a longer time, you can plant daffodil bulbs and tulip bulbs already in October of November. The daffodils will flower first in February, March or April and the tulips in April or May. By planting all four kinds of flowers you can enjoy your flowers for nine months in a row.

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