Types of dahlias

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Types of dahlias

Dahlias originated in Mexico, where they grow in the wild. In the past, the flowers were cultivated to eat and sometimes for use in medicines, as they were thought to act as painkillers.

There are over 20,000 dahlia varieties in existence, in an array of different colours, shapes and sizes. Dahlias are a special flower that can be cross-bred with lots of different types of dahlias, which is why there are so many dahlia varieties today.

At FAM Flower Farm, we sell cactus, fimbriata, pompon, ball, decorative and single dahlias. We explain the characteristics of each of these types below.

Cactus dahlia

Cactus dahlias have a unique shape with petals that are rolled up for two-thirds of their length, creating an unusual spiky effect. The petals may be rolled in an inward or outward direction.

The petals are small and pointed, and some have deeply incised tips, giving this variety its unique look.

The unusual shape of the cactus dahlia allows rain to easily drain out of the petals, which prevents the flower from becoming top-heavy and enables it to remain upright in rain – something that many other varieties of dahlia struggle with.

These dahlias are often brightly coloured and are incredibly eye-catching. They are named after the cactus because of their spiky appearance.

Fimbriata dahlia

With its beautiful fringed petals, the fimbriata dahlia looks a little bit like the cactus dahlia.

This dahlia is sometimes called the ‘deer antler dahlia’ because of the unique split ends of its petals.

Fiambriata dahlia

Pompon dahlia

The pompon dahlia has a small, round and full flower. The petals are rolled up to create a funnel shape, forming a spiral in the middle of the flower.

Rain easily drains away from the pompon dahlia petals, which prevents them from becoming top-heavy and keeps them upright in the rain.

Ball dahlia

The ball dahlia is a larger version of the pompon dahlia. The two varieties share the same structure but are different sizes; pompon flowers grow to a maximum of five centimetres, while ball dahlias start at five centimetres. The flowers are almost perfectly round, and rainwater can accumulate in the round petals, forming little pools that insects like to drink from.

Decorative dahlia

The decorative dahlia has round petals that form a double flower. The petals of this dahlia variety are wide and flat; the flower has rounder petals towards the centre, while those on the edges have a more pointed shape.

Single dahlia

Single dahlias have just one ring of petals, making them the simplest variety of dahlia. They have an open centre, which provides bees and butterflies with easy access to the pollen – great if you want to attract these species to your garden.

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