Business to business

Promotional items

If you are interested in our products personalized for your company, please contact us at

It is also possible to sell our packed products in your retail store or mailorder.

FAM Flower Farm exports the products to all EU countries and offers the same quality products as you are used to.

Our packages are a real gift to receive, so ideal as a promotional gift, Christmas package or present


Do you want to sell our packed products in your retail store or webshop? Please send us an email, we can send you our price list. The minimum quantity is 150 bags per order.




If you are a grower, wholesaler, agent or importing company, please send us your request by mail. We can send you our price list and catalog.



Invoice with VAT

If you would like to receive an invoice including the VAT for your coutnry, please send us an email with your VAT code.