Ammi Green Mist

The large, rounded umbels of Ammi Green Mist start out a bold shade of lime green, turning to white as the tiny ammi flowers open. It has lovely, feathered foliage, and the umbels look like lace, which is why it is also called Queen Anne’s lace or lace flower. Other names for the Ammi flowers are toothpickweed and bishop's weed. They are exceptionally attractive to bees and butterflies. Ammi flowers are ideal cut flowers that fit into virtually every bouquet due to their neutral colour.

1 packet ≈ 0,15 gram ≈ 200 seeds

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Annual flower seeds

All our flower seeds produce flowers that are suitable for use as cut flowers. They are also used by professional nurseries and floriculture companies. For flower seeds to be considered high-quality, they need to have outstanding germination capacity and energy and therefore yield a high percentage of flowering plants. All seeds are annuals, which means that they have a lot of growing power: they go through all the stages – from a seed to a flowering plant that, in turn, produces new seeds – in the space of just one season. Most flowers bloom for about three to five months. A rule of thumb in this is that the more flowers you pick, the faster they will grow back! All our seeds are untreated and uncoated, and are also suitable as starting material for growing organic flowers.

Planting instructions:

  • Plant in moist soil to which the seeds stick for best germination.
  • Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil of approx. 0.5 cm.
  • Grow in fertile, well-drained soil.
  • Give them a sunny spot and sufficient protection from strong winds. Support if necessary.
  • Water regularly.

Ammis can also be sown in autumn. In that case, the stems will be a lot longer (approx. 150 cm) than when they are sown in spring (approx. 80 cm). Sow directly in the spot where you want them to flower. You cannot transplant Ammis because they grow from a taproot. Ammi seeds are incredibly tiny, so you get a lot of them in a packet. Do not sow them too sparingly and thin them out as soon as they emerge to prevent overcrowding.

More Information
Type of product Flower seeds
Color White
Planting period April-June
Flowering period July-September
Also known as: Akkerscherm, Toothpick weed, Bishop's weed
Suitable as cut flower Yes
Attracts bees and butterflies Yes
Planting depth 0,5 cm / 0,2"
Plant size 80 cm / 32"
Contains 1 packet ≈ 0,15 gram ≈ 200 seeds
Germination time 2-3 weeks
Growing time to bloom 11-14 weeks