When should I plant tulip bulbs and narcissus bulbs?

When to plant tulips and narcissus
When should I plant tulip bulbs and narcissus bulbs?

Tulip bulbs and narcissus (also named daffodil) bulbs need to be planted in the Fall, from September to December. Best before the first night frost. If the soil is still too warm in September, it is better to wait a bit longer. If you plant them in October or November, the bulb also has enough time to make roots before the frost sets in. Give them a splash of water after planting so that the roots are activated immediately.

Tulips and narcissus flower in spring. Depending on the weather, narcissus bloom in March/April and tulips in April/May.

If you keep the planting time right, there is really little that can go wrong and you can enjoy a floral display in spring. Everything a tulip bulb needs to bloom is already in the bulb. Only if spring is very dry can you water them a little. Also water double tulips with large flowers, such as Ice Cream tulips, regularly in spring, otherwise the flowers will dry out.