Amaranthus Hot Biscuits

Amaranthus Hot Biscuits is one of the easiest seed varieties to grow and also produces a lot of flowers. The golden brown plumes really add something to your arrangement.  In the Netherlands, we also call Amaranthus cattails. The annual summer bloomer is also suitable as a dried flower, the panicles turning any dried bouquet into a party. 

1 packet ≈ 0,15 gram ≈ 180 seeds 

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More Information
Type of product Flower seeds
Color Brown
Planting period April-June
Flowering period June-October
Suitable as cut flower Yes
Suitable as dried flower yes
Planting depth 0,5 cm / 0,2"
Plant size 120 cm / 45"
Contains 1 packet ≈ 0,15 gram ≈ 180 seeds
Germination time 2-3 weeks
Growing time to bloom 11-13 weeks