Red-Yellow Mix

If you like bright colors in your garden, this is the ideal mix for you.

It contains:

  • 10 tulips Banja Luka (middle 30-45 cm (12-17"))
  • 10 tulips Denmark (long >45 cm (17"))
  • 10 tulips Alcatraz (middle 30-45 cm (12-17"))

You can plant the tulip bulbs together in groups or mix them. For a nice natural effect, first mix the tulip bulbs together, for example in a bucket. Then spread them out in the garden and plant them where they fall down. The differences in height create a playful effect and the garden party can begin!

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More Information
Type of product Tulip bulbs
Planting period September - December
Flowering period April-May
Flower shape Single
Color Red
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