Cucurbita Queensland Blue

This pumpkin is of Australian origin and lasts a very long time. The blue-green, ribbed fruit has sweet orange flesh inside. Very tasty and versatile in cooking. The fruits grow to about 4-5 kg. Plant the seeds with a good space between them (1 metre to 1.5 metres), watch out that birds or mice don't sneak up on them.

1 packet ≈ 3,5 gram ≈ 16 seeds 

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Type of product Flower seeds
Color Green
Planting period April-May
Flowering period September-October
Also known as: Pumpkin
Planting depth 2 cm / 0,8"
Contains 1 packet ≈ 3,5 gram ≈ 16 seeds
Germination time 1-2 weeks
Growing time to bloom 13-14 weeks