Mix Marieke Nolsen Selection

Marieke Nolsen is an enthusiastic florist and blogger with a great passion for gardening. She lives in a characteristic house on Landgoed Den Treek -Henschoten with a 1,600-square-metre picking garden in which the most beautiful dahlias and annual summer bloomers grow. These are supported by natural constructions as you often see in England. Marieke is a true picking garden expert and has applied her knowledge and taste to this unique mix with which you can vary infinitely.

The mix consists of 4 different dahlia varieties + 3 different annual summer flowers (flower seeds):

  • Dahlia Copperboy
  • Dahlia Tyrell
  • Dahlia Fired Up
  • Dahlia Mirella
  • Amaranthus Hot Biscuits
  • Setaria lowlander
  • Zinnia Queen Lime Orange
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More Information
Type of product Dahlia tubers
Color Orange
Planting period Spring, after the last frost
Flowering period July-November
Suitable as cut flower Yes