Mix bees and butterfly party

This mix of a total of 5 dahlias is guaranteed to attract butterflies and bees to your garden! These are the dahlia flowers with an open heart (single-flowered) and lots of pollen, the insects can therefore easily reach them to collect pollen. Truly a pollen party for them.

Contains these 5 butterfly and bee attractants:

  • Dahlegria Tricolore
  • Fancy Pants
  • HS Kiss
  • Kelsey Annie Joy
  • Verrone's Obsidian

The dahlias have nice bright colours so the insects can easily find the flowers and take nectar as a reward.
We recommend to plant around 5-7 dahlia tubers per m2, make sure they can all catch enough sunlight.

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More Information
Type of product Dahlia tubers
Color Pink
Planting period Spring, after the last frost
Flowering period July-November
Flower shape Single flower
Attracts bees and butterflies Yes
Number per package 5 dahlia tuber clumps
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