Different types of daffodils

types of daffodils
Different types of daffodils

In our webshop, we sell four different types of daffodil: single, double, multi-flowered and split-corona. In this blog post, we explain the differences between all of these types of daffodil. We also categorise our daffodils by length, into short, medium and long varieties. You can filter by length in our webshop to find your favourites. Some daffodils vareities have a fragrance and are ideal for use as cut flowers; our webshop also has filters for these characteristics.

Single daffodils

Single daffodils are very popular with butterflies and bees. The petals are open in the centre, which provides insects with easy access to the pistils. Single daffodils have just one circle of petals, which is sometimes referred to as the ‘trumpet’. The Sorbet daffodil is one of our favourite single varieties; this stunning white daffodil has orange star-shaped petals on the inside of the flower. The Sorbet is also a great cut flower to display in a vase.

Double daffodils

Double daffodils are very special flowers as they have twice as many petals as a standard daffodil, which creates a lovely, full look. This daffodil is sure to catch the eye and add colour and vitality to your garden. Daffodils are easy to look after, and double daffodils are no exception. All you have to do is make sure that they get enough water and are placed in a sunny spot. The Acropolis daffodil is one of our beautiful double varieties. This stunning white daffodil has tiny orange petals on the inside of the flower. Double daffodils will really make your garden stand out from the crowd.

Daffodil Manly

Multi headed daffodils

Multi headed daffodils have more than one flower growing from each stem – sometimes as many as four or five! The multi headed daffodil is a unique and cheerful addition to your garden, with multiple flowers growing from a single stem. This type of daffodil has become more popular in recent years and, like its traditional counterparts, it’s very easy to care for. The Martinette is a well-known example of a multi headed daffodil. With its yellow petals and orange trumpet, this variety makes a great cut flower and has a lovely fragrance too. And because you get multiple flowers on each stem, you don’t need many stems to fill your vase – so smaller vases are perfect for multi headed daffodils.

Split crown daffodils

As the name suggests, split crown daffodils have a split in the crown, also known as the trumpet. These flowers often have larger trumpets, which are split into multiple segments. The trumpets are also slightly crinkled, which lends this beautiful variety an even more unique look. These daffodils are sure to make your garden stand out in springtime. The Parisienne daffodil is one of our split-corona varieties. With its white petals and orange trumpet, it makes the perfect cut flower.


So, that’s our rundown of all the different types of daffodil we sell at FAM Flower Farm. Take a look and decide which is your favourite. If you’re looking for a daffodil to use as a cut flower, make sure you pick one that’s suitable for vases. We also sell beautiful vases to suit our flowers, in a wide range of colours: from clear and orange to dark blue.


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